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My blog was discussed at Barcamp5 @ Bangalore

Though no official information exists, it has been learnt that my blog ( a particular post in fact) was discussed at recently concluded Barcamp5 at Bangalore. (under "word of mouth advertising" collective)

Barcamp is a get together event for bloggers wherein they discuss latest trends, technologies, happenings pertaining to blogging.

Last week Barcamp 5 was held at IIM Bangalore and it has come to my notice that Chandrachoodan Gopalkrishnan spoke about my club mahindra article explaining the power of blogging.

For the uninitiated, My "Never go for Club Mahindra" (New URL )article has been the most popular article on this blog so far and has received over 129 comments till date.[details]

This post is also in top 3 when you search for club mahindra in Google.[details]

I'm delighted to hear that this post was discussed in barcamp.

Information that this post was discussed at Barcamp5 has been derived from below blog posts:
"Check out this interesting blog which was posted in the month of Feb. This blog was discussed in BarCamp5 @ Bangalore this month. And more interestingly if you type club mahindra this blog stands out at the second position on seach results."
and 2.
"Chandrachoodan started the discussion by talking about Gang of Girls by Sunsilk. A platform which talks very little about shampoo and sunsilk but is a classic example of word of mouth advertising. it’s a platform for users or others to interact and express. He then spoke about a blogger who wrote something against Club Mahindra which became so huge that if you google for Club Mahindra it comes as the 2nd result. So that’s the power of word of mouth."

Thanks to Deepak and Sanjukta for sharing this information.


  1. It's great to get a word of mention. Do you have any idea if they actually read your post and mentioned the URL during the event?

  2. Hari,

    I dont have any detail...

    I guess he might have shown my blog saying how it is topping search engine and how a blogger can help creating public awareness etc...

  3. Srinidhi: I specifically mentioned your post. I did not have your post's permalink handy (I had some connection issues) but I mentioned your name and your blog.

    The thing is I am a copywriter, and worked for the advertising agency that handles the Club Mahindra account. I had once wanted to write a post addressing the issues you'd raised in your post about Club Mahindra, but I lost steam.

    I might still do that - but my point at the BarCamp was how a blogger can add to the buzz around a brand, and how companies can use this buzz effectively.


  4. Dear ChandraChoodan,

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

    Thanks for mentioning the post in the barcamp and for the details.


  5. Good! probably CM management is more now aware of the impact of this blog. Will take some more strong action to keep brand image intact.

  6. Bhupesh,
    Please keep an eye on my upcoming posts. They are serious about their brand image. They've conducted an all expense paid trip to a set of select travel bloggers...

  7. Congrats.. pretty late. sorry to say but commercial and social sites still have an edge over individual blogging.

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