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Beautiful Birds near Bheemeshwari (100kms off Blr)

-Had to remove photos- will try to restore -

Bird watching was not my forte. But after a few recent trips with Ram, I feel I am developing an interest in this activity. En route our recent trip to Bheemeshwari, I spotted a large number of not that common birds. Managed to take presentable photographs of few of them. Though my Sony DSC H50 has decent zoom, the higher zoom comes at a  price- I’ve to reduce image resolution. This is one of the moments I miss a DSLR with telephoto lens.

Sharing with you photos of a few birds clicked during this visit. Most of them were visible on the road side. I feel weather also might have contributed a little- After 2-3 days of rains, the day was sunny and birds had the compulsion to come out and get some food. Due to the noise of car’s engine, they flew from one place to another, hence identifying them was a bit easy.

I didn’t knew the names of most of them. Ram and Shankara have helped me in this, by quickly identifying them as soon as I upload them to facebook.

Green Bee eater. I’m thankful to this one as it didn’t escape even though we were 3-4 feet away.

Below is a brief description of Bee Eater, written by Radha Rangarajan on CLAY Blog
Green Bee-eater (Merops orientalis) is a common bird and can be found in various habitats like grasslands, scrub jungles and even away from water. They have vibrant colors and when perched together, they make a colorful sight. As the name suggests, Bee-eaters mainly feed on bees, wasps, ants and dragonflies. A Bee-eater repeatedly thrashes the prey on a branch to remove the sting from its prey before feeding on it.

Red Whiskered Bulbul and  Red vented bulbul (there’s another bird in the frame which I didn’t notice initially :( …)

Streak Woodpecker? Ram feels this might be Streak Woodpecker, while Shankara doesn’t think so. If you have a definitive answer, do comment. I waited for 10 minutes for this bird to lift its neck, but it never did. Busy searching something…
The Common Hoopoe and Brahminy Starling… Click to enlarge

White Browed Wagtail and a fox (or Jackal)…

Feels good to have captured all these birds. If we’d spent some more time, we would have got a few more…
Thanking Ram and Shankara for helping with identification

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  1. nice pics! the one of the bee-eater is wonderful! but the one u have mentioned as normal woodpecker is a hoopoe

  2. I think it is the time for you to go for a DSLR! Well, it is not easy to be precise about a bird unless we get to see from a close distance. An ornithologist in the making?

    Good pics.. Not that I haven't been reading your articles, but just that I am reading your articles through a feedreader. :)

  3. Beautiful pics, sri.... How did you capture the fox...WOW!!! good going!

  4. Nice ones. The fox was too good. They are usually very shy and do not pose like this. You have been really lucky to have spotted and photograph the fox.

    I wish to go to this place just for birds photography..


  5. Anu:
    Thanks for correcting... Edited

    Mohan, yes, I might just bite the bullet one day...

    No plans to take up Ornithology though :(


    Fox: there were a road full of them. Will add them to fb album...

    Bheemeshwari is very close to Bangalore and a 1 day trip can be planned anytime

  6. The bea eater has given a good pose. Nice capture.

  7. Fantastic capture of beautiful birds.

  8. Hi,

    The green woodpecker on the ground is a Streakthroated Woodpecker, female. The 'fox' is actually a jackal!

  9. Nice pictures, I too have so many birds in my garden naturally, so feel lucky about it.

  10. Thanks Shankar

    Thanks for the correction. I'm rather poor in distinguishing between the two (fox n jackal)

  11. Nice article... interesting and quite informative.. thanks for sharing.. :)


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