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Incredible India-A photo from Vizag

We were returning from Araku valley, off Vizag (Vishakapattanam, AP) and were passing through a town called Sunkarametta. A state road transport bus pulled over for its scheduled stop and sitting near the window was a beautiful lady, understandably from outside India.

An auto driver (share auto) , who was driving in the opposite direction, got visibly excited after seeing her and immediately got half of his body out of the auto and managed to strike a conversation with her. “Hi, what is your name?”, “where are you from?” “where are you going?” etc were his questions, in pure english. The lady patiently answered them and our excited auto driver extended his arm for a shake hand.

The lady obliged and the shake hand lasted for a time long enough for me to take out the camera and click it.  Eventually the meet ended with a “Bye Bye” as other motorists started honking, because of the traffic jam created by these activities. Our auto driver was still unwilling to withdraw his hand and had to watch helplessly as the lady withdrew her hand and waved at him… (refer to 2 more photos clicked subsequently)

Disclaimer: This post just shares 3 pics clicked in public place and doesn’t aim to interfere with anyone’s private affairs/preferences/interests.


  1. The article title could have been "India Shining" too ;) Good capture!

  2. Interesting indeed..
    BTW did you get any ideas of trying this yourself?


  3. Hi Shrinidhi,
    Nice post. Hope he didnt trouble the lady. :-)
    Comments about your template:
    The slider with pictures on top is a good idea, but it doesn't gel with the rest of the template. the template has lots of space for pictures and that is a gud idea.
    Just my opinion. :-)

  4. Hmm the lady would have felt like she was a rock star or something! or felt hassled?

  5. Hey, Nice article.. Instead of taking photo, if you had shot a video, it could have become a good "Incredible India" Ad..

  6. Hey sorry, the title itself says "Incrediblr India".. Was concentrating on the content.. Not on the Title..

  7. Thanks Mohan, Tarun, Logesh...

    Ram, that's negative

    Thanks for sharing your opinion on the template.


    Assume Lady didn't feel hassled. she had the option to not to entertain this guy, but I guess she chose to say Hi n shake hands out of basic courtesy...

    Jack, thanks

  8. Btb thanks all for all the comments. Good to see all your comments overnight...

  9. It happens, Auto driver and rickshaw pullers often give 'add on service' to the tourists specially those from
    western countries.


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