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Painters Day Out-Coimbatore

Most of the city corporations have taken a decision to paint all white compound walls with paintings that represent the heritage of the state. Lots of walls in Bengaluru and Chennai are already painted and other cities catching up.

Hundreds of painters have got work because of this initiative and are busy painting walls. They draw the same referring to photographs given by the authorities. Below are some images of these people in action, taken in the town of Coimbatore during my Nano Superdrive road trip, June 2010.

The artists are fairly good and the paintings are very much life like. The best thing I like about this initiative is it keeps walls clean from sundry posters. Hope the distraction caused to motorists is not severe enough to cause any accidents.

During election time, political parties have a habit of whitewashing the walls and reserve the space for their election campaigns. [read another post of mine detailing this] I hope they’ll spare these well painted walls from the same. 

Not sure if this initiative is unique to south India. Didn’t notice similar paintings in Delhi, Mumbai and Vizag during my visits.

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  1. Great captures! Bangalore roads too are painted, and the roads are beginning to look nice.

  2. ThanQ. Good to see this post finally got a comment.

    I was thinking it'll be better if some brief description of the photo is also written below...

  3. I agree, it is a very good initiative. This time I also found walls along the main streets of Bhubaneswar being painted with traditional painting. It was so soothing and pleasant to eyes as well as will also help people in knowing the local culture.

  4. Great way to iiven up a wall. The painters are quite talented and the subjects interesting. Happy WW


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