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Fish cross breeding as a hobby

Rishi Goyal is just 14 years old, but is no ordinary kid. He is the youngest rider in the ongoing Tour of Nilgiris (TFN2011). He hails from Ahmedabad, where he studies in Class 9. He has several achievements to his credit such as climbing Mount Abu, 

When I struck a quick conversation with him, I casually asked what are his hobbies. I was expecting answers like Cricket, but what he said surprised me. He said he cross breeds fishes. When he breeds two fishes of different colours, child fishes will be of a new colour combination. Having an aquarium at home is one thing, learning more about fishes and cross-breeding them is another. Here’s wishing all the success for Rishi Goyal.

Some more details about this little champ is covered by TFN official blogger, Prashanth

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