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My Highschool Projects-Internet

During my school days I had created a free webpage called Had uploaded some old time pics there which are nice to view time and again to recollect old days.

Sharing some pics related to highschool projects- Originals of these photos are lost somewhere, but scanned and uploaded version remains.

Physics Project & Exhibition- Internet.
The year 2000-unable to recall the month- Guess I was in class 11 or 12th. Computers were rare things around. Internet was almost unheard of in rural community. 20GB hard disc space is believed to be a great configuration. We made this project on internet and took it to inter-school exhibition. It only had two thermocol boxes representing monitor, CPU, keyboard and even mouse, and a thermocol satellite that would hang on top. CPUs had an electric bulb inside it. When the demo started, a light will blink in first monitor, another light will blink in the satellite and then finally 3rd light will blink in the other monitor. With this, people were to understand that these two computers talk to each other using internet, thanks to overhead satellite.

In the pic above: me in the centre with our lab attendant (extreme left), Chemistry sir, Physics sir, Biology Sir and my partner in the project-Bala (extreme right).

Because not many people knew about the internet and its potential, we could pull off a decent show explaining the concept-thanks to the blinking lights. Today all these may look like stupidity. Even small kids have experienced ipad, 3G, laptops and what not. Internet has outgrown the imagination.

Have photos of few other projects- The biology one below- unable to recall what exactly we were trying to prove. It was about the impact of particular colour on certain readings pertaining to plants. For the same plant, red and blue coloured light gave different readings
Physics project: Unable to recall what we were trying to prove...
Those were the days...


  1. Good old days.. Even I remember some fun projects I did. They seem like a toddlers nursery project these days

  2. looks like you are in a flashback mode! its fun to do that sometimes.. and even as i type this, my son is busy yapping in the background, trying to find pics for a project at school.. the greatest diff between then and now is that he just finished searching for his topic on the net! unlike us, who had to really dig around a lot for every project!

  3. Sneha: True

    Anu: Google, while making life easy, is killing lot of creativity and innovation, as it encourages copy paste


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