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Fail & Lovely beauty product ideas!

I was watching TV for few minutes and was shown this ad- Fair & Lovely now has come up with a Fairness facewash. The ad was saying "Just using a fairness cream is not enough, you should wash your face with fainess facewash first".

I was wondering if this was true, isn't fair & lovely guilty of selling a faulty solution all these years? Earlier they never said one would need a facewash before using their fair & lovely cream. They used to advertise that using fair&lovely for couple of weeks is enough. Now they've invented a new product and need ideas to sell it, so their way of selling it is to create fear that just using a fairness cream won't be enough.

I am wondering where all these will head to. Here're some ideas Fair & Lovely brand managers are free to consider.

Fair & Lovely Fairness Spray: Just using fairness facewash and cream are not enough, you should spray your body and face with Fair & Lovely fairness spray

Fair & Lovely Fairness Spectacles: Just using fairness facewash, cream and spray are not enough. Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, so in order to look beautiful, you should buy our stupid overpriced Fairness Beauty Spectacles  and ask people around you to wear it.  You'll look 10x times more fair in their eyes

Fair & Lovely night time cream: Your beauty dips by several % when you sleep, so apply our new Fair & Lovely night cream before going to bed, your face will be glowing when you wake up.

Fair & Lovely teenage cream: How can you give your (assume you're a mom) cream to your teenage kids? Teenagers need special fairness cream. Use the new Fair & Lovely teenage cream. Its special ultra teen formula made exclusively for teenagers to keep them fair all the time. Now you no longer have to use your sister's or mother's fairness cream. (Better idea is to split into age groups of 5 years each, one for 0-5 year kids, another for 5-10, 10-15 and so on- you buy your dress keeping in mind age, why not fairness cream?)

Fair & Lovely wedding day cream; How can you use the same ordinary cream on your most auspicious day? Now available, new Fair & Lovely wedding day cream, made exclusively for Indian Brides. It makes you look extra white on your wedding day and even whiter in wedding photographs

Fair & Lovely Rainy day cream: Going out in rain? You need special care, use fair & lovely Rainy day cream to keep your skin warm and bright during the heaviest rains

Fair & Lovely helmet cream: Do you ride two wheeler and wear a helmet? How can you use ordinary beauty products? Use exclusive fair & lovely helmet cream, which protects your skin when confined inside a helmet for long duration

Fair & Lovely Bus cream: Do you travel in bus? then you need special care. Fair & Lovely bus cream is designed to keep you fresh and energetic during crowded bus rides

I've some more ideas, but let me stop there. Even for hair care, there're half a dozen different stuffs to be applied at various times and various stages, before bath, during bath, with shampoo, without shampoo, after bath and so on

Another brand, Dove says "Is dove better than soap? Apply Dove on one half of your face and ordinary soap on another half for 15 days and see the difference". I am yet to meet a single person who's tried this- applying different soaps on half face each for 15 days...

Sometimes I get an idea, to make one universal paste, which can be everything in one- fairness cream, facewash, shampoo, hair oil, sun screen lotion and so on. Then a family of four needn't buy 30 different products to take care of their face & head, just buy one product of mine and be done with it (apply it anywhere on the body)- Don't you think it is a great idea?

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  1. Truly great! Nice ideas :p
    They all really need it :D

    And the best one is your final thought of a single paste/cream for whole family. But unfortunately, people need change so they wont go for a single cream for all of the needs :(


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