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Skywatch Friday: Sunset at Udupi, Karnataka

This will probably be my last post for 2012, post no 949 for the blog and 195th for 2012.

Signing off with a sunset pictures clicked near my native place.

 Going... going.. gone

See you all next year, with a new dawn, new beginning


  1. Hi Shrinidhi,

    Lovely sunset pics. Liked them all. :)


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  2. Nice. The second shot is the one I like most, tho. :)
    Happy New year to you, Shrinidhi. :)

  3. Lovely Hues Srinidhi! I have heard so much about Udupi, but still to make it to the place, may be someday

  4. Thanks Jay Singh, D Nambiar, Puru and Arnab, Deepak


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