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Best & most commented posts of 2012

This post provides a list of popular posts published in 2012-most viewed, most commented and author's favorite ones among 190+ blog posts published during Jan-Dec 2012 period.

Most viewed: (more than 1000 views)
  1. Wifi God-Miracle (4364 views)
  2. Tata Venture vs Eeco (3575 views)
  3. Tour of Nilgiris-Inside Story (3292views)
  4. The Sodexho fiasco-Good bad and ugly (2592 views)
  5. Tata Venture GX review (2118 views)
  6. Audi Q7 Limo (1230 views)
  7. Kingfisher vs Satyam- a comparison (1197 views)
  1. Toyota Etios G petrol review (1598 views)
  2. Broken bridge, Adyar (1124 views)
Most Commented
  1. The Sodexho fiasco-Good bad and ugly (23 comments)
  2. Tiger closeup photos (21 comments)
    3. My New arsenal- Nikon D5100 (15 comments)

Author's picks
Wishing you happy and prosperous 2013.

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