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Longtail boat Canal ride in Bangkok

On our last day at Bangkok, we had a free morning. We went to explore few places on our own. From hotel we took a taxi to Grand Palace- it costed about 110 baht (while our tour guide yesterday had said it would cost about 200 baht and recommended that we take his package for 600 baht per person (which includes palace visit etc). From palace we went to Golden mount, based on advise from a localite. After exploring golden mount [details of Golden Mount in this post], we were dropped off at a ferry by the tuk tuk driver (he took 40 baht). Here we could board a long tailed boat for a ride in the canal. We were quoted with a price of 600 baht per person or 2400 baht for 4 of us. We were not in a mood to spend that much. We began negotiating at 800 baht for 4 people, eventually settled for 1000 baht. The ride lasted for about an hour, including 20-25 minutes spent at Wat Arun (more about Wat Arun later)

The boat was nice and long, could have seated some 15-20 people. We were just 4 and a driver. After Wat Arun, he steered the boat into the canal, which introduced us to the other side of Bangkok. Cheap houses were constructed over the canal with pillars going deep into the canal for support. Their stuff (cloths, flower pots etc) visible from outside The water was dirty to say the least. We spotted a baby crocodile. We also met another vendor selling stuff from his boat (This canal was not the popular floating market area). His rates were a turn off.

Several temples (they all begin to look same after sometime and you stop caring about them) were also to our sides. The journey went on and on for sometime and we were beginning to getting bored. We suspected a return journey on the same route, but to some relief, we were taken back in a different route connecting near the market situated next to Grand Palace.
At two places we had to pay 20 baht as boat parking fee, in addition to what we’d paid the boat guy earlier.

This activity (boat ride in the canal) can be skipped completely if you’re pressed for time or if you have better plans.
 Closer look of the engine
 Vendor on a boat
 Cheap housing by the canal bank
  View of the canal
 Slightly luxurious houses


  1. The boat looks colourful and beautiful!


  2. Must be an eventful experience....


  3. You've written more posts on Thailand than me though I've been there thrice and roamed around a lot. :)

    Pictures are gorgeous and very nostalgic for me.


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