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10 in 1: Quick Movie Reviews

Here's a set of quick movie reviews:

1 Vishwaroopam: Nice plot and incomplete story (intentionally kept open for sequel). Good enough action and acting. But nothing worth all the hype and racial complaints. 4/5

2 Special 26: Interesting plot. Entertaining movie. No stupid song and fight sequences. 4.5/5

3 Inkaar: Good topic, great arguments. But the end was inconclusive. For no apparent reason, in the end, Arjum Rampal leaves his job and vanishes. Not everyone accused under sexual harassment can afford to do that. Would have been good if the movie had offered a more practical solution to the problem. : 3/5

4 Murder 3: Waste of time 1.5/5

5 Death Race 3 (English); Good watch and nice sequel. 4.5/5

6 Table No 21: Good story and nice scenery of Fuji. 3.5/5

7 David: I didn't understand the plot properly

8 Rajdhani Express: Not sure what to say, just 2/5

9. SOTY: Another boring plot. Can be ignored 2/5

10. Son of Sardar: I didn't watch, as I'd seen Telugu and kannada versions (Maryada Ramanna)

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