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Rock Pillar, Kodaikanal

Rock Pillar is a view point in Kodai Kanal

The rocks appear to be in the shape of a pillar, stand straight and vertical, hence the name. But more than the rocks, it was the clouds which excited tourists. That feeling of seeing clouds below us is just awesome. View the pictures

Pillar rock is about 8 kms from Kodai kanal city. Some locals were collecting Rs 2 per head as entry fee to the view points. Lots of shops around have resulted in limited viewable/photo area

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  1. They used to show Gods(on hills) amidst fog in serials. May be this is what they meant.

  2. Beautiful captures of rock pillar!

  3. Have you tried taking the same image from the other side of the pillar than the normal view point?


  4. Beautiful!
    Those clouds sure make the place so dreamy. I haven't been to Rock Pillar, if there's a next time, I'm going to go there just to experience this.


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