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AeroIndia 2013-Sarang helicopters

I was at Aero India show last Saturday. Took 1000+ photos of the airshow. Sharing some of them here, those specific to Sarang Helicopters

Also made a video from 100s of still photos I had taken. Watch the video below to see the metal birds in action

 Sarangs coming face to face and clearing in close quarters.
 To emit smoke, looks like an additional accessory is added

View pics of sarang from 2015 Aero India 


  1. Ultimate pictures . But I am thinking what would be visit the actual show. You are fortunate .

  2. Aero India is a great show. I got to attend the one that happened in 2007.

    Great pics, Shrinidhi.

    I'm just curious-- do those City Swaps (those red buses; the double decker ones) still carry people from the city to Yelahanka.


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