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Qutab Minar, Delhi

Despite being to Delhi a few times in past, I hadn't managed to visit Qutab Minar. Completed that during the last visit.

As seen in photos, it is indeed a majestic structure. But what's not shown often is the other buildings in the same campus. The campus has few other buildings also, in various levels of deterioration.


A metro station is nearby. Walkable or can take auto for Rs 20

The campus has lots of birds, do carry your zoom lens.

A cloak room is available for no extra charge.

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  1. One of the favorite places of mine and family to spend some evening :)

  2. Nice images!


  3. Nice and clear Captures .
    Thanks for sharing .want to visit Delhi soon as soon as possible .
    Travel India

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  5. Great clicks. Indeed the Qutb complex has many fascinating monuments, each with a story of its own. I would also recommend the audio guide there, tells quite a few interesting stories and makes the place come alive!


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