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Lamp post near India gate and a missed Republic day parade

I was in NCR during this year's Republic day. Being a Saturday, I was free and wanted to experience R-day parade live. But after a set of searching, I figured out that tax paying common people are not allowed anywhere near R-Day parade, due to security reasons. Unless you've a PASS, which can be obtained only if you have a political connection, you've to limit yourself to the TV set to watch R-Day parade.

Realizing that it could be pointless being in Delhi on R-Day, I headed towards Jaipur for Saturday and came back to Delhi on Sunday morning (in a double decker). Went to India Gate, where the Raj Path (King's street) on which all the parade had taken place less than 24 hours ago.

Couldn't go near India gate, as Police had cordoned off the area and had to satisfy myself with a distant look. Some photos of the venue.
The jugaad 3 wheelers- hadn't noticed them during my earlier Delhi visits. Their main target is passengers looking to go to nearby metro stations. For about 10 Rs, you can go to nearby Metro (Secretariat station), but you'll have to wait till 3-4 other people join in.
The Raj path, on which all the parade took place 1 day earlier
How to attend republic day parade in Delhi?
Btb if you know what's the procedure to attend Republic day parade live, let me know.

Nearby places: Qutub Minar * Red Fort * Lodhi Garden * 


  1. The eye catching statement was...a republic day parade...which is done to mark our country as a republic nation....and the common people aren't allowed to enter...unless they have a political connection...

    love the photographs and the description of the 3 wheeler...though...!!!

  2. Lovely photographs but a sad commentary on the state of our mango man

  3. Really sad that you couldn't attend the Republic Day celebrations despite being in Delhi at the time. It does look great on TV and I guess being present in person would be a great experience. But if normal citizens are unwelcome at the event, that may need some re-thinking on the part of the people at the helm of state affairs.

  4. Nice pics. Especially like the lamp post with the tricolor in the background.

  5. Thanks Deepak, Ramakant, A date with Delhi

  6. Thanks Deepak, Ramakant, A date with Delhi


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