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Wax Museum, Kodai kanal

Kodai kanal has a small wax museum. A person employed by the museum wearing fancy dress tries to stop speeding cars and make them visit the museum.

We paid visit to the museum, as we had nothing much left to explore. It is a small house converted into museum, two floors (about 10+ rooms with some 30 odd statues around various popular persons/events.

There's a Rs 30 entry ticket to the museum and houses several statues, said to be made of wax. Some photos below for your reference.

Seems they have a similar museum in Ooty also. Thankfully it is in hill stations. If shifted to Chennai, they would melt in no time.

 Mahatma Gandhi
  A music band
  Sri Sri Ravishankar? (face looks wider than actual person)
 The last supper
For another 30 Rs one can beat some drums and play the guitar for a while. Home made candles and few other such items are also on sale.

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