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Central Park, Jaipur, with India's tallest flag post

Central Park in Jaipur was the first place I explored. Previous night when I’d checked with my guide+driver Raju, he told me that all tourist places in Jaipur will open only 9.30AM onwards. I was not willing to buy this argument. I felt that there should be some lake/park/similar places which I can explore early morning before 9.30 AM. After exploring a bit and checking with my host, I found out that Central park is nearby, some 3-4 kms from my hotel, Shahar Palace.
Above: Day light breaking in Rajastan, Jaipur

I left the hotel at 5.45 AM, started walking in the direction of central park in a dark, chilly morning. Somewhere I took a wrong turn, passed by CM and Governor’s residence and came to a railway crossing. From here, instead of walking all the way I opted to hire a cycle rickshaw. While I was being ferried to the destination, one smartly dressed man stopped us, started narrating the story of him losing his wallet and in urgent need of Rs 35 for some medicine. I sensed something is fishy and asked the driver to proceed. Once we were little away, driver said this guy is a drunkard.
Eventually I was dropped off near the entrance of Central Park. Rajastan legislative assembly building is close by.  I entered the park, had a look at its map and decided to walk across the outer line. The park had a temple, has a golf course and an area for horse riding. At the centre of the park was a flag post, which is believed to be highest in India.
Lot of birds were spotted in the park. Because of luggage, I had left the 300mm back at home and after being at the park, I realized that it is a mistake. Could have taken close up photos of birds if I’d taken it along. 

Later I read that the park also has a nursery, glass house, pond etc. I didn’t see these (or may be didn’t notice)

Below: Notice a layer of fog

I wrapped up my walking by 8.30, so that I can go back and explore rest of Jaipur

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  1. Lovely images and interesting place. Had missed visiting this on my trip to Jaipur!

  2. Awesome statistics about the India's Tricolor Flag. I had seen this flag while traveling towards my hotel. Nice pictures.

  3. Nice write up and photos.
    Whenever you are going on such trips never miss out the super tele lenses, if you have. You wont know when you will need it.

    BTW, the tallest flag post in India is the flag post in Fort St. George, Chennai.
    Kerala government has some plans of building a post that is taller than the Chennai's post.

  4. Thanks Deepak

    Vishal: Yes

    Ram: Thanks for the inputs

  5. Indiaa's tallest flagpost is not at Jaipur,.. its now at Trivandrum , Kerala

  6. What might those tall stony structures be? They look very impressive.


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