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Book Review: RIP by Mukul Deva

RIP is one of the excellent thrillers I have read in recent times. Moreover, the timing of this book is spot-on, with various scams and scandals breaking allover, RIP offers a fictitious solution.

RIP is about a group of ex-Army people deciding to take on the corrupt politicians of the nation. Using their army skills, advanced technology and an excellent team work, they send strong message to the corrupt government-  If the corruption doesn't stop and those involved in looting the country aren't exposed, RIP will take the corrupt head on and they'll have to pay with their lives. Instead of doing something to nail the corruption, government chose to hunt down the people behind this initiative. While official inquiry is on through the CBI, central home minister-one of the most corrupt ones himself, hires a rogue ex-army man to conduct a parallel investigation on same matter- but with a different objective- to eliminate the members of RIP.

Krishna and his aides- Karan, Kashif, Kulwanth, together known as K-Team are the smart men adopting novel way to turn the heat on corrupt Indian politicos, which is otherwise unscathed by the judiciary, bureaucracy and media watchdogs, as well as nation wide public agitations against corruption. The only way to fix them is hit them where it hurts. They launch a deadly initiative to kill corrupt people, if Govt doesn't take concrete steps to curb graft.

Countering the K-Team's RIP mission are two more smart men-A CBI Assistant Director Vinod and rogue para commander Rajath Bhagat. Both of them are assigned the task of hunting K-Team, the former because of his duty, the later, because of money thrown at him to eliminate K-Team.

A smartly weaved love triangle also hovers around an otherwise action packed plot.

Book uses real life events (like 2G, Commonwealth) but refers to fictitious characters (Ex: Madam Shiela Kaul living at 10 Janpath). While disclaimer will defend the author and publisher, any reader can easily make sense which real life person each character is referring to.

Mukul Deva has drafted a wonderful fiction, hinting at a theoretically possible solution to the political mess the nation is in.   Not a single page bores the reader and one can finish the 280 page novel in one sitting. I couldn't really find any lose ends or faults which I usually manage to find while reviewing books.

Book is published by Westland Limited and is priced at Rs 200. Available online cheaper ( Rs 120 Flipkart: Rs 150, Rs 160, )

Do read!


  1. Hi Shrinidhi,

    Well, a review done wonderfully. Yes, even I was up till late in the night to finish this one, it kept me hooked on.

    Thanks for sharing the review. I've done a review on the similar book, hope you like it. :)


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