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Goa Carnival, New Zealand and Kala Ghoda art festival

Of late, I’m getting emails announcing news and events across the globe. Few of them are personalized and address me by name, others are generic, sent to many media people. Some of them sound interesting, while others are totally irrelevant. Obviously I don’t plan to write detailed posts on these press releases or copy paste them as it is. In the past I used to give them a mention in summary posts, covering multiple events/news items.

This post is a quick mention of some of the recent press releases received. Do let me know if you find any value/use in me publishing these details. If there’re some encouragement, I’ll do this kind of posts once a while to keep you updated. If no one seems to care, I’ll avoid/minimize this kind of press release postings.

Press Release 1: Goa Carnival 

Goa Carnival is a food and cultural festival being held in Goa next week (Feb 8th to 12th). Organized by Goa tourism, the event includes several shows and competitions, happening at various parts of Goa. If you're planning to visit Goa during this time or if the carnival interests you, refer below link for complete details


Press Release 2: fly cheap to New Zealand

Tourism New Zealand, Singapore Airlines join hands to woo Indian family vacationers
~ All-inclusive Fare of INR 63,000 to fly to Auckland/Christchurch, New Zealand ~
Friday, February 1st, 2013:  Tourism New Zealand and Singapore Airlines announced their partnership agreement to offer special deals to families traveling from India to New Zealand. This alliance will make unforgettable New Zealand experiences more accessible for families across India. Visitors will be able to fly to Auckland and Christchurch (return) on Singapore Airlines or Silk Air for just INR 63,000 (all inclusive). This special deal will be available across travel agents and on singaporeair.com or silkair.com from February 1st to 28th, 2013. The fare will be valid for a travel period from March 1st to September 30th2013 and will be applicable for a minimum of 2 persons to book and travel together.

Press Release 3: Ocean Racing in Auckland
Volvo Ocean Race to set sail for Auckland again

Mumbai January 31st ‘2013: Volvo Ocean Race to set sail for Auckland again
Mumbai January 31st ‘2013: The Waitemata Harbour will again host the world’s elite adventure yacht racing crews, with confirmation today that Auckland has won a coveted stopover role for the next two Volvo Ocean Races.

Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED), on behalf of Auckland Council, led a bid to host both the 2014-15 and 2017-18 races, following a hugely successful stopover in last year’s race which saw the inner Waitemata lined with spectators on water and land, and helped Auckland to the silver medal at the prestigious Sport City Awards in 2012.

Press Release 4: Audio tours are now available at Kala Ghoda arts festival
Kala Ghoda is an area in South Mumbai (I was there once to visit Tata Motors office)-Kala Ghoda festival is fairly popular event and this year, During the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (February 2nd – 10th 2013), customers who purchase a hot beverage at the Pantry, will be able to borrow (on request), at no charge, AudioCompass’ MX1 touch-screen audio guide pre-loaded with their “Footsteps of the Raj” audio tour. Customers will be required to provide Rs. 500 and an original government issued photo ID as a refundable deposit.


  1. Hi Shri. Thanks for your information on KalaGhoda... I was thee yesterday but was not aware of the audio guide thing, late in reading your post ;)

  2. :)
    I have also received all these mails & many more.
    You are only giving them free publicity. :)

  3. Yes :) Even if it benefits a small % of readers, it is fine.


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