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Elephant ride uphill to Amer Fort

As we approached Amer fort near Jaipur, the driver asked if I'd like to go up on elephant or in a jeep or walk. I opted to walk.

While walking I spotted elephants ferrying tourists uphill to the fort and clicked some snaps. This ride costs Rs 900 (max 2 people) and is available only during early morning (post noon, the rocks get hot and difficult for elephants to walk- I see good idea here for shoe companies- make some elephant shoes)

Apparently while going back they go empty and won't take tourists.

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  1. Interesting. Nice clicks!


  2. Must say a nice experience especially when you are with a kid. But they charge like hell, perhaps depends upon their season time.

  3. Interesting ride......


  4. wish to ride an elephant too !! :)nice one

  5. Good to read that they take care of their elephants

  6. Thanks Niranjan, Dheeraj, Debopam, Mysay.in, Manu and Deepak for your comments


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