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Chayakruthi-a bike photography exhibition

I was taken to this bike exhibition last month in Bengaluru. Organized by Sumanth Raj Urs, it housed a collection of nice bike photographs, few modified bikes and accessories on sale. Worth a visit if you're in Bangalore and are enthusiastic about bikes. They conduct occasional bike photo walks, exhibitions and other activities around bikes.

A few photos below for your quick reference:

Below: A modified Honda Dio

 An old bike

A few good photographs on display- these were for sale, priced about Rs 5000 to 10000

A laptop bag priced at Rs 18000 and few other accessories were also on display. I forgot this US based brand name. Priced at 18000 (which includes hefty customs duty), this backpack is shock proof, comes with life time warranty.

These guys are available on facebook at below link 


  1. very innovative and out of the box designs. like them.

  2. lovely post !! loved the bullet so much !!

  3. Thanks Deepak, Indrani, Arumugam and

  4. Hey! nice pics, any idea who make such custom Dio that too in Bangalore?


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