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Top commentors at

Last time I did a post like this was about 2 years ago [Read this post], felt the need to recognize my readers again.

Below is a brief list of regular visitors to my blog in recent times. Please note that this list is chosen based on comments received at in past 6-9 months time frame. There could be many who read regularly but comment rarely- I don't have a way of tracking and recognizing such readers, hence kindly accept my apologies.

No. 1 spot goes to spammers. These days I am getting huge volume of spam comments which even Google is not able to filter effectively. Spammers seem to have developed tools to submit comments automatically, even without visiting the post manually. As of now I've close to 10000 spams in spam comments section. Earlier I used to delete them manually, now I've stopped that. I move them to spam folder and let it die natural death. Blogger doesn't have a "Delete all spam" as in gmail and I can't afford to keep deleting 100 at a time. It is good to see so many comments awaiting approval, but disappointing to learn subsequently that most of them are spam.

Anyways, back to main topic, below are some of my regular readers, who've been commenting fairly regularly.

Arumugam Easwar: Arumugam sir blog at

M D Subramanya Machikoppa:  He blogs in kannada, at Very interesting stories and incidents.

Deepak: Deepak is a Mumbai based blogger with a pen name Magic Eye. He runs a series of blogs around travel, photos and more

R Niranjan Das: Niranjan Das runs a set of blog, prominent one being Tales of a Nomad

D Nambiar: D Nambiar runs a travel blog, most of the posts about US - I couldn't trace real name of the person running this portal. Has commented a few times and runs an interesting site. Knowing your name would have been nice, but I guess you'd have reasons of your own to remain anonymous. Whoever you are, your readership and comments are appreciated

Ajeeth runs a photoblog at , do have a look, as some of his clicks are really captivating

Ramakanth Pradhan: He runs a nice photoblog at

Rajesh: Rajesh seems to have visited every nook and corner of India. His blog has photos and briefs on temples and places all around India.

Arvind CJ blogs at, with lots of trekking, travel info, photos of lesser known destinations.

Deb or Debaprita was my fellow blogger during Tata Nano Superdrive 2010. He blogs at, mainly on architecture and photography.

There're many other commentors who've written their comments. This post is not intended to say they are not valued. Every reader, every commentor is valued. IN today's times of instant like and share, not many have the time and patience to write detailed comments. There're many who've liked and shared it on facebook and twitter. Those gestures are also appreciated. I don't have a way to track that and quantify.

In an unlikely event of you having written multiple comments in past 6-9 months and I've missed from above list, please let me know.

Again, thanks to each one of you for your continued support in my 7th year of blogging.


  1. Feel honored. But then, the contents of your posts are so enticing that no one could leave them without making comments. Good luck.


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