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Quoted in Moneylife Magazine on timeshare

I was quoted in 30th May 2013 issue of Moneylife Magazine on a cover article about Timeshare memberships. It narrates the side effects of timeshare memberships (covers Club Mahindra, Sterling, Country club etc) and very much reflects my findings about timeshare in this post on Club Mahindra)

The contents of the magazine are not available for free online. Costs a subscription (Starting Rs 99 per month for digital access). If you have a subscription or if you can buy one, you can read the article at link below http://www.moneylife.in/article/timeshares-are-bad-deal/32726.html

I was quoted in a part of the article w.r.t my first experience/encounter with Club Mahindra and subsequent setting up of a facility wherein members can buy/sell their timeshare memberships.

A quick snapshot of section of the article that quotes me is mentioned below for quick reference.

 Article is written by Kenneth S


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