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Amma Mineral Water- Rs 10 per litre

Amma Mineral water at Rs 10/litre

Recently TN CM J Jayalalitha has launched a scheme to sell mineral waters at a subsidized rate of Rs 10 peer litre. I happened to pass through one such stall, hence this quick post. Be advised that I have no political inclinations and this post only contains my random thoughts, not to be deemed as favoring or opposing any individual or political party.

I couldn't help comparing with the Anna Bagya scheme back in Karnataka, where CM Sidharamaiah is offering 30 Kg rice per person at Rs 1 per kg, for below poverty line people. While Karnataka CM's initiative seems to be a huge burden on taxpayers and farmers, as the government spends close to Rs 30/kg to procure and distribute at at Rs 30/kg and rice mill owners are mandated to provide cheap rice to government. A middle class family buys rice for close to 40-50 Rs a kg, subsidized rice sold at Rs 1 is finding its way to black market, as the government has no checks in place to prevent abuse of the scheme.

On the contrary, Jayalalitha's scheme doesn't seem like a burden to tax payers. With branded mineral waters costing Rs 14-15/litre, Government backed scheme to sell it at Rs 10 could even be profitable business, if well managed. More over, this bottle is available for purchase by anyone, irrespective of financial status. Buying it at Rs 10, re-branding and re-selling for higher price is NOT a viable business, so this scheme is not prone to mis-use (I believe so)
All through the state, at various places counters have been set up to sell Rs 10 mineral water. Out of curiosity I bought a bottle. Water feels good and couldn't find any complaints.

Not sure how the manufacturing and distribution network works. An alternate option would be to supply these bottles at Rs 9 to shopkeepers and let them sell it at Rs 10. Such a move would wipe out Aquafina and the likes.

Her photo on the bottle could have been avoided and space could be used for some safety messages/other useful information.


  1. I think what Jaya Lalitha madam is trying to do is to safeguard the citizens of Tamil Nadu. With her vegetable shops, canteens, mineral water, meters in autos and mini buses there is no way that TN would come to a stand still. Anybody can go on a strike yet things will be available in these places and so you and me will surely not suffer.


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