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Sea Shell Museum, Mahabalipuram

Sea shell museum is the newest attraction in Mahabalipuram, popular tourist destination south of Chennai, TN. India Seashells museum is first of its kind in India and largest in Asia, housing about 40k different kinds of shells, along with their details.

We visited this recently and below are our findings. If it interests you, you can add it to your plan during your next Mahabs visit.

Q: What is there at Sea shell museum, Mahablipuram?
A: Sea shells museum has following attractions
1. Display of wide range of sea shells, about 40,000 of them, collected by the founder (K Raja Mohamed) of the museum and their history. Photography is NOT allowed inside
2. A shopping centre that sells various items made from sea products, similar to what you see on various shops all across Mahabalipuram. Nothing unique and slightly expensive
3. A small aquarium with colourful fishes
4. A sea food restaurant

Q: Is there an entry fee to enter Seasells museum, Mahabs?
A: Yes. Museum is privately built and managed and has an entry fee of Rs 100 50 per person. It looks like they opened with a ticket price of Rs 100, but eventually brought it down to Rs 50, probably due to poor patronage. Unless you're very passionate about shells and sea items, you'll find this place overpriced.

Q: What are the timings at seashells museum?
A: Seashells museum opens at 8 AM. However the sea food restaurant there will open much later.

Q: Where is seashels museum located/how to reach there?
Seashells museum is located at southern side of Mahabalipuram. Walkable from 5 Rathas (just follow the sign). During day time if you wish to go by vehicle, you'll have to opt for longer route.

Q: What else?
A: Photography is not allowed inside (if someone takes all the photos and publishes it online, there won't be any reason to go there all the way and pay Rs 50 per person to see the same thing.
Rest rooms are available

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