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Circle of Three- Rohit Gore

After reading Rohit Gore's other book, The Guradian Angels, I had added his Circle of Three to my wishlist and bought it along with few other books recently.

Now that I am done reading it, this post shares what I felt about the book.

Circle of three revolves around three characters- a 13 year old rich but lonely boy, a 50+ year old once popular author who is now ignored by readers and a middle aged lady, a popular scriptwriter who had lost her husband and son recently and was unable to recover.

Interestingly all of them had their birthday on 13th October and a series of events bring these strangers together. The old man, Rathod's character was the most interesting to me, as he lives in his illusion of past glory and tries to regain his popularity using twitter, facebook and myspace. For those who have unrealistic expectations from social media, his character unveils bitter reality- you won't become popular just because you're there on social networks.

At the same time, the kid Aryan has his own challenges, like other rich kids with busy parents. With his father away and mother in hospital, he makes friends with Rathod and the third character, Ria. How these three cross each other's path, contradicting and complementing each other forms the core of the book, well narrated by Rohit Gore.

  • Title: Circle of Three
  • Author: Rohit Gore
  • Publishers: Grapevine
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Pages: 255
  • MRP:  Rs 100 (Rs 95 on flipkart)

I found one typo in page 51 ('she' was spelt as '9he'). Like the author's other book, Circle of Three is also priced attractively at Rs 100 and is a good one to add to your cart while shopping fiction books.


  1. A book with good characters and an amazing price, will surely add it to my flipkart cart.


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