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Velotaxi-Cycle rickshaws at Berlin

If you thought cycle rickshaws are out of fashion or are meant for developing countries only, you're mistaken.

We saw many cycle rickshaws in Berlin town, ferrying tourists from one spot to another, giving tough competition to taxis.

The cycle rickshaws in Berlin are manned by young and healthy men (we saw a women cycle rickshaw driver too, refer image below), in contrary to the scene in India, where cycle rickshaws are often driven by old aged men.

Each cycle rickshaw can seat 2 peope apart from the rider and has some basic frame to provide protection from heat and rain. Wheels have disc brakes and cycles are well equipped with mirrors and other accessories to make the ride as safe and comfortable as possible.
Many of them had lined up in front of Berlin TV Tower. if you notice below, few rickshaws are also equipped with books and maps to keep the participants engaged.

Most of these cycle rickshaws are operated under the branding of Velotaxi, who help individuals earn some money by ferrying tourists around. Money is also earned from advertising. More details here:

The Velo taxi's cycle rickshaw concept is gaining popularity all over the world. Don't be surprised if it comes to India in a fashionable way soon.

Before I end, below is a photo of me trying to ride a cycle rickshaw in Pondichery few years ago... It took some time for me to understand its braking system and I barely escaped hitting another vehicle.

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  1. Nice pictures. Well , the rickshaws at Berlin looks way cooler and well maintained...Ours here at India looks like they had been used on World War II frontline...

  2. Wow..This Cycle rickshaws looks pretty cool.. :)

  3. It's good you brought this here. India should realise the importance of cycle rickshaws. They save fuel, provide employment, nd avoid pollution altogether. We should encourage their use.

  4. Thanks folks for the comment and inspiration...

  5. It's possible to hook them up with electric motors, batteries and solar panels and they become solar rickshaw!

    Electric rickshaws are already popular in Delhi.

  6. Yes it was a pleasant surprise to see them in Germany. Liked your post. Delhi is also gradually trying its bit on green commuting.

  7. We have something similar in Brisbane but not as space-agish looking. Mostly for tourists and they charge a bomb.

  8. They look so cool, I wanna take a ride in it :D Nice post about Berlin, looking forward to read more about it :)

    Defiant Princess

  9. Looks as a cross between an Indian rickshaw and an Indian auto:) ...well, the last image is from pondicherry, am I right?

  10. Tanks Benella

    Uma- you are right- last one is from Pondy

    DP: Thanks. More coming up soon

    Purba: Thanks for sharing that. But why would they charge a bomb- I mean say more than a taxi?

    Indu: True.

    Ilakshee: Thanks. Yes, Delhi has CNG, gives discount to electric vehicles etc. Most of South india is yet to catch up on those traits

    DI: Great idea.. But I think cost is the prohibitive factor as of now- it will cost as much as a petrol rickshaw

  11. Nice Post! This is really amazing post. This cycle rickshaw is amazing. Cycle rickshaw are a good way to go green.

  12. hi..
    u can visit & see the photo gallery..

    we introduced them in delhi & took vodafone as advertiser way back in 2010.. it already there & running since then..


  13. Aashish, thanks for sharing this. I didn't notice any during my few visits to Delhi, but will keep an eye for them.

    Will add your link to the post.



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