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Done with Men-Novella by Shuchi Singh Kalra

My laptop has gone for repair and travel related posts which involve photos will have to wait for few days. Meanwhile, I have another book review to share.

'Done with Men' is the latest book (ebook) that I finished reading. When I was asked to read the digital version I was little hesitant, because reading pages after pages on a laptop screen is not really comforting. However, I was told it is a short one, just about 100 pages long and that made me comfortable reading it through. But once I started reading, I finished it off in 2 nights.

'Done with Men' is termed as Novella, which indicates it is longer than a story, but shorter than a full fledged novel.

Done with men is a story of a lady, named Kairavi (or Kay for short) who is successful in her writing career but so far had bad experience with men. Almost all her previous love affairs had drastic ends which made her almost hate men. Just when she thought she will never fall in love again, she happens to land an opportunity to visit Goa on work (yes, that's an irresistible proposition), which she thought will help her get out of the breakups and start new life, but fate had other plans.

In Goa Kairavi gets to befriend a smart and handsome doctor in a Goa hospital where she was admitted to (Why she had to be admitted there is another sub story in itself). Will this doc change her life or will it add another episode to her series of heartbreaks? Read the book to find out.

Apart from general love angle, Kairavi's character portrays thinking of an insecure/unsure mind- of reaching conclusions based on short observations.  Baani as a support character does well to provide emotional and operational support to Kairavi. Also to be noted is Baani's decade long relationship with Kapil, which is exact opposite to Kairavi's life of ever changing boyfriends and broken relationships.

For those of you who love romantic fictions or those looking for quick entertainer, Done with Men will be a good pic. Done with Men is planned as an ebook and will be available in mobile and kindle friendly formats as well.

Title: Done with men
Author: Shuchi Singh Kalra
Publisher: Indireads
Genre: Romantic fiction
Pages: 108 (Review copy)
Price: Rs 175 on Amazon for Kindle edition
Type: eBook
ISBN: 978-1-927826-32-4

Author Shuchi Singh has been working as freelance writer and has lots of creative work to her credit. You can check her facebook page or website‎ for more details.

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