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Skywatch Friday-Sunset at Dandeli

The best place for sunset in Dandeli is probably the view point near Old Magazine house. But unfortunately I couldn't view sunset from there. Our hosts at Dandeli Jungle camp sent us to another resort in the area, known as Kadu Mane and from here, we walked to a nearby view point, known as Huli Gudda (Tiger Hill- this is located in a private property and naming was done by property owners- you won't find this place on google). From here we saw the sunset. Couple of trees were blocking the view, but I decided to use them in the frame instead of complaining.

Below are some of the sunset photos clicked from Dandeli, Karnataka. Hope you like them
Meanwhile need to say a thing or two about this little kid. He studies in 6th standard and was assigned the task of leading us to the view point. He was carrying a bag, which we thought was his school bag. However, when we asked him what he is carrying in his bag, we were in for a surprise. He had the full first aid kit- bandage, pain killer spray, cotton and so on. He was fully prepared and trained to treat his guests should they suffer a fall or any other injury. His name is Sanjay or Sanjeev, unable to recall fully. He has bright future for sure.

Standby for sunset pics clicked at Gokarna and Mullayanagiri

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  1. The 1st shot is awesome, what an experience it must have been!

  2. beautifully framed too… what sweet boy to take you there and be prepared to help if needed.

  3. I like the way you used the trees in your photos!

  4. I like the blend of sky and trees. Excellent photography.
    JM Illinois

  5. Lovely captures and the kid is already a super guide.

  6. the place seems to be so beautiful. there are many such places in India that are to explore. thanks for sharing one such place.

  7. It's a good thing you decided not to complain and to use the trees as frames ... gorgeous shots !

  8. great post and pictures......

  9. gorgeous skies. and a wonderful young man.

  10. PC: Thanks

    SP&P: Thanks

    Light & Voices: Thanks

    Ladyfi: Thanks

    AmitAag: Thanks

    Niranjan: Thanks. Also kid can probably pursue medicine and become a doctor

    Namaki: Thanks

    Kaushal: Thanks

    TWG: Thanks. Yes, he is

  11. Beautiful shots!!! I especially like the one down by the boy!!! And such a handsome boy!!!

  12. These are wonderful shots of the sunset in your country. The boy looks so friendly and he is surely a good guide.
    Have a good time!

  13. Awesome pics, really very eye genic..


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