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Skywatch: Sunset at Mullayyanagiri-Chikmagalur

This was my 3rd visit to Mullayyanagiri, Karnataka's highest peak. First one was in an Aria, way back in 2010 when we reached just after sunset. Next visit was in the morning. On the 3rd visit, which wasn't really planned, we got good views of the sunset.

Above left: Moon view

This completes my 3 back to back Sunset views- Dandeli, Gokarna and Mullayyanagiri. 

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  1. You have captured the sunsets so beautifully, dil karta hai dekhte rahe :)

  2. Impressive captures of sunsets. I liked the stairway shot included in the series.
    JM Illinois

  3. How beautiful. Thank you for sharing this gorgeousness.

  4. Thanks JM,Jim, LadyFi, Sarah, Lakshmi and Cathy.

    Thanks for your comments and encourgaement

  5. the first and the last are the best sunset photos i've seen


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