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Skywatch: Golden Sunset at Om Beach Gokarna

While returning from Dandeli, we visited Karwar and Gokarna. We were debating where to view the sunset. Karwar or Gokarna. As we assessed that we had just enough time to reach Gokarna in time for subset, we drove off, reached Om beach with about 30 minutes before sunset. This was my first visit to Gokarna (despite it being very close to my home town) and I had to find a vantage point soon, from where to click sunset. There were a few elevated points, but that meant lots of walking and didn’t look viable in the available time. I eventually settled myself on one of the rocks.

Below are some of the sunset photos, clicked at OM Beach, Gokarna, Karnataka
Above: Closeup of waters giving a golden effect.

It was a clear sky...

Above: view of Gokarna's Om beach from the rocks. 
Below: Another rock behind where we would have probably got better view
Meanwhile, fellow traveler and blogger Sandeep Srinivasa (he blogs at  got a candid photo of a boat infront of sunset. While I was looking for an elevated vantage point, he waited next to this boat by the beach, hoping it will move. It didn’t disappoint him and he got this beautiful photo. 

Also, below is an aerial photo of Gokarna, published by Karnataka tourism. I guess this is taken from a helicopter. Sunset view from this point would have been great. The sunset photos I've taken above were clicked from a rock which lies at the centre of the photo. Now you might have guessed why this place is called Om beach (because it resembles the sanskrit symbol ॐ 
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Coming up: Sunset at Mullayyanagiri

How to reach Gokarna: Gokarna is 520kms from State capital Bangalore and is known for its temples and beaches. To reach Gokarna you will have to take a deviation from NH17 (Now NH 66) after Kumpta (while coming from Bengaluru side)

Nearby places: Yana * Karwar * 


  1. आत्मिक शांति देती तस्वीरें !

  2. Wow - stunning and golden!

  3. Beautiful Photos. All beaches in Gokarna are beautiful. Speacially Om beach and Half moon Beach and Gokarna Beach :)

  4. The sunsets over the sea are nice huh?

  5. Shimmering gold and copper!
    Awesome captures!!

  6. Thanks Amit, Kusum, Deepak, Prabhu, ladyfi, Rakesh and homemaker

  7. Amazing pictures. Sorry for the delayed reply.My email id is and you can also reach me at 99169 47959

  8. Wow! Fantastic pictures Srinidhi :)


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