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Book review: Make it 2- Sharada Subramanian

Make it 2 is another book I read recently, written by Chennai based author and also revolves around triangular love story. Not my kind of book, as I typically prefer corporate fiction or some suspense/thriller than pure romantic/relationship centred fiction. This book came to my attention because the venue of a recent meet by Chennai bloggers club. That meet was also held in Hablis hotel, which gets a mention in this book. But then after reading the book, I realize that other than mentioning the bar at the Hablis hotel, book has no additional details.

Make it 2 is a story of US returned software project manager who is now looking for a girl to get married to. He had a past love with whom he has not been in touch for about 8 years. Now he finds another equally attractive girl and relationship advances to marriage level. But his first love resurfaces and puts him into a major dilemma.

Most of the book is about the interactions between Karthik and his new love, Sujitha. For those of you who like romance and relationship centred novels, this book makes  a  good read.

Few comments on the plot: In the first page, there was mention of a guy called Amar who lands in Chennai airport, meets family and drives off in their Jetta. I thought this guy will resurface sometime later in the plot, but never heard of him again. So not sure why he got a mention in the book.

I have never seen Deutsche bank launching large scale marketing campaign in Chennai. May be they did and I missed or may be the campaign mentioned in the book was some B2B one. I will go with it.

There was a mention of Goa trip, which didn’t surface again. I guess the story concluded before the ‘next weekend’ when the trip was planned.

  • Title: Make it 2
  • Author: Sharada Subramanian
  • Publishers: Notionpress
  • Genre: Romance/Relationship/Triangular love story
  • Pages: 150
  • MRP:  Rs 195
Cover image taken from publisher's website. Similar books I have reviewed earlier: Bestseller she wrote * Never Mind Yaar * I don't wear sunscreen * Love is Vodka *

With this, I sign off for 2015.


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