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Best of 2015 from my blog!

While I shared my major travel events and related summary in this previous post, I think it will be a good idea to list some of the most read and most commented posts of 2015- it will help the not so frequent visitors to ensure that they are not missing important posts.

There were close to 350 posts this year- highest count ever on my blog since its inception in 2006. Below list compromises some of the hand picked ones (little over 10% of the total posts)- I am sure you don't want to miss them.

Most viewed posts of 2015 (top 14)
1. Airtel 4G experience and review- Chennai
2. Portable A/C in India- analysis
3. Tata Nano AMT Review
4. Tata Nano AMT vs Alto comparison
5  Beware of fake calls from Delhi claiming to be from court
6. Maruti Ciaz VXi+ Automatic review
7. Air Asia ticket booking- how to correct passenger names?
8. Zoomcar keyless staffless rental experience 
9. Intercity carpooling app- Blabla car- pros and cons
10. Vegetable pricing- branded stores vs local shops vs online
11. Topless Tata Nano at Sanand plant
12. Nano with sunroof
13. eNidhi India list of top sites that list top bloggers!
14. The Chosen ones- experience visiting Tata Nano plant in Sanand

Most commented posts of 2015 (top 6)
1 Landscapes of Chikmagalur
2. 9 years of active blogging- Man ki baat
3. Skywatch- Harangi dam backwaters
4. Hot air balloon ride experience
5. Sunrise at Geneva lake, Switzerland
6. Surviving Chennai floods- my experience

My favorite posts or the recommended reading:
1. Helsingborg must visit- Tropikariet Private Zoo
2. Save Bengaluru before it chokes
3. New ZICA from Tata motors
4. RORO from Konkan Railways
5  Dhanushkodi off road experience
6. Sponsored posts- how much to charge?
7. Singapore optimized itinerary-5D/4N
8. Niesen Peak, Switzerland 
9. Understanding Copenhagen Public transportation system
10. Shooting clay birds- CPH adventure
11. How your local prepaid sim card can help you abroad
12. Hostel Bookings in Europe- Checklist from my experience
13. Comparison of European Airlines
14. Are city cards really worth in Europe?
15. Air Asia big sale- benchmark prices
16  SAIL Amsterdam- once in a 5 year event
17. Air France premium economy experience
18  Brands that worked for me vs brands that didn't 
19. Ten bad habits air travelers should avoid from next flight
20.  Zen air microlight flying experience
21. Big Rock dirt biking experience
22. What happened when I complained against Honda Mobilio Ad 
23. Choki Dhani Chennai
24. Aero India looking hapless visitors
25  Kambala- Buffalo race in South Canara
26. Scandinavian Skycats stunt show at Aero India

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  1. Nice list. Had missed some of them and got to read now.

  2. Nice... Post summarise you had excellent 2015. All the best for 2016 :-)

  3. Wow ! you have a hidden treasure of blogs ! Blogs of different kinds , different subjects . Beautiful collection and Best wishes for your future . Hope this journey of blogging will never last !!

  4. Thanks Yogi. I hope you got the last sentence wrong in excitement... "will never end" you mean I hope!

  5. 350 posts in a year! 350 good posts! That's why I asked you at BNLF how you manage to write so much and so well :D
    Wishing you and your blog all the best for the years to come. Looking forward to your posts :)

  6. @Antarik- as I said, I break into much smaller topics which are easier to manage and quicker to complete. I spend an hour or two almost everyday on the blog. That is the reason post count is high. Few bloggers write long posts covering entire trip in one or two posts- such posts take longer time and more effort.

    Thanks for your encouraging words.


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