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Book Review: I don't wear sunscreen by Kavipriya Moorthy

This book first caught my attention several months ago for its unusual title. It helped create some curiosity as to what this book might be about. It is written by a Chennai based author Kavipriya Moorthy. It is her first book. I added this book to my wishlist and waited for some good offer or something to come by so that I can order it. But over several months, couldn’t spot any major discount or offer (not sure if I missed it). Finally ordered it for my year end reading at its MRP. Only salvage is I saved on shipping cost as I ordered it with 2 other books- Wasted in Engineering and Make it 2.

It is a very short book (97 pages) and plot revolves around college girls, young romance and few incidents that disturb an otherwise happy going life. If this genre excites you, then you should definitely get a copy of this book.

"I don’t wear sunscreen" is a little fiction about two college girls and their life pursuing their life goals. As it would happen in any fiction at some point guys enter the scene, love blossoms.

Broken lines: Somehow I didn’t understand what went wrong in the train journey to Mumbai, Laksha exchanged communications with Sai, all seemed to be fine, she ate little hearts biscuit with fruit juice given by Pallavi's uncle. But when train arrived in Mumabi Laksha went missing, though her bag was in the compartment, after 2 days elderly man has escorts her back to her Chennai home. No one finds out what happened. Later we learn that she has stress related disease, but what happened in the train that day that made her unconscious (that seems only possible explanation- she fell ill or unconscious, so the old man took her to his home)? Why did old man leave her bag behind?Similarly few pages later, Laksha and mother are scheduled to reach Mumbai by train, but next page she is in hospital-when did she learn that she lost her job? There was a mention that receptionist didn't allow her in. I couldn’t get these minor points clear. Felt something missing. I read concerned chapters again to be sure I missed nothing, but couldn’t connect the dots.

A few corrections need to be done for next reprint- minor ones though
Page 19, para 4- It should be ‘favor’ not ‘flavor’, Page 95 Honda Activa, not Active
There’re multiple instances where space between two words is missing

If you are the one who judges a book by its thickness, number of pages, check the price and then decide if the book is worth, ‘I don’t wear sunscreen’ may disappoint you. It is just about 97 pages in length and has a price tag of Rs 199. But then, if you think from another angle, making the book lengthy is not difficult- if one can write 100 pages, he/she can easily add another 100 pages by adding more description, adding some sub plots etc. Keeping the book short is also good in many ways- it saves reader's time and keeps plot simple and focused instead of avoidable elaborations. So assess a book by the value of entertainment it can give you, not per page cost. For example 'Last Man in tower by Arvind Adiga is a very lengthy book at 430+ pages- I am yet to finish it despite trying hard. It has slow narration and too much detailing was very suffocating for me- like mega serials- I could skip lots of pages but story wouldn't have moved forward much. In comparison a short but fast paced book is much better.

Apart from above, I don't wear sunscreen is a nice read. Plot revolves around a Chennai girl Laksha who wants to be an interior designer and her friend from poor family- Pallavi, whose dream is to complete Engineering, get a job and help uplift her family from financial crisis they are in. Laksha relocates to Mumbai for her internship and lands a dream job and gets a good friend. But what is life without twists and turns? Things start going wrong thereafter and a series of challenges test their will power. They both seem to get involved with same guy and complications arise. Will everything get sorted out? Who gets what? Do read the book to find out.

Best wishes to the author for her next book.

  • Title: I don't wear sunscreen
  • Author: Kavipriya Moorthy
  • Publishers: Notionpress
  • Genre: Romance/Girl life/College stories
  • Pages: 97
  • MRP:  Rs 199
Cover pic taken from publisher's website. Was lazy to click a pic myself and upload.

Cover image taken from publisher's website. Similar books I have reviewed earlier: Bestseller she wrote * Never Mind YaarLove is Vodka *


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