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Royal Palace Amsterdam, National Monument, Dam Square, People

Dam Square is Amsterdam's city centre- similar to Tahrir square in Egypt or India Gate in Delhi. Most of Amsterdam's must visit attractions are within walking distance from this place. Dam Square itself is walkable from Amsterdam Central.

After arriving in Amsterdam I walked to Dam Square-main attraction here is Royal Palace of Amsterdam. Unfortunately it was closed for public on the day of my visit (you can check here), so had to be content with outside pictures.

Outside the Royal Palace lies a large open ground, often used by artists and performers. I saw a group of men performing stunts and seeking donations from public.

There were also few other movie characters- this Micky mouse girl for example looked a lot Indian and tired.

Visited a church nearby- details in this post

Madame Tussaud's Amsterdam is also very close to Dam Square. Opposite the Royal Palace lies this national monument. It was built in 1956, in memory of those who died in world war 2. It constitutes a while coated 22 meter all concrete pillar, at the bottom of which four chained men indicate sufferings of the war. Above them a sculpture of woman indicates new life, victory
The semi-circular wall built around the pillar contains soils brought from war cemeteries of all dutch colonies
More about Amsterdam in subsequent posts.

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