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The Gateway Hotel Pasumalai, Madurai-campus pics

The Gateway Hotel is one of the top star hotels in Madurai with one night stay costing about INR 6K onwards (including tax). I went there for lunch, primarily to take a look at the campus. As buffet lunch was not ready yet, manager suggested I take a walk in the campus, which was exactly I had in mind.

The Gateway hotel occupies 62 acres of campus. Though hotel properties are located on hill top, entire hill seem to be taken over by the hotel. Right at the entrance security will check your purpose of visit. Hotel reception is couple of kms uphill. Steps also exit besides the well paved roads.

The Moon terrace at The Gateway Pasumalai gives great view of Madurai town.

The campus maintains lots of greenery, even in the middle of summer. However I was expecting some cool breeze but there were none. But the shades and trees themselves offer lots of comfort from heat.

While most blocks seem to be from old heritage building, some rooms seem to be added recently and they sort of miss the heritage feel.

Peacocks roaming freely in the Gateway campus. There are lots of birds too.
Dining area with bright orange theme. Buffet lunch costs Rs 1202 per person inclusive of tax.

Not very disabled friendly: I find this stairs setup interesting. Campus is full of ups and downs but only steps are available. Not very disabled friendly. Wheelchair guests may have some difficulty, but I am sure there will some rooms in ground floor and level ground which should be easier to access. If you have seniors then do specify the same during booking or ask for easy access room.

The open area swimming pool is nice but is fully exposed to hot sun. It is located in residents only area but visible from drive way. Not too much privacy
 View of rocks and town from Pasumalai
The Gateway Hotel on Pasumalai hills is about 6-7 kms away from Madurai city centre. Ola mini ride cost me Rs 129 one way. I did not stay here and do not have pictures of the room, but they are believed to be as grand as the campus and exterior.


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