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Top 5 "Kuch bhi!" items at National Gallery Singapore

Art is something that is attributed to creativity, something often beyond the understanding of common man, something unique and special. National Gallery Singapore has hundreds of exhibits-paintings, physical objects and fully functional units trying to tell a story. Among all these, I have picked 5 items which I feel are “Kuch bhi” items (random items presented as art) whose significance or message I am not able to understand properly. Take a close look and share your opinion.

I am sure artists who conceptualized it, managed to build it and convince folks at National Gallery to accept these and exhibit them deserve credit, because they could make it big from seemingly simple stuff. May be there is something in these arts that I am missing, may be current age of minimalist design, nothing is everything and anything is something. (now that last phrase is my own composition- you can already see the effect of art on me right? Feel free to attribute that quote to me!)

1. Hot spring by  Raymundo Albano of Philippines 
Get a spring, paint it red,call it hot spring. I find this as Kuch Bhi! item #1
2. Wood and Rubber! by Roberto Chabet of Philippines again. A wooden frame with stripes of rubber on top of it- above right- Kuch bhi! item #2

3. The End by Gerardo Tan of Philippines
The velvet clad temporary barricade signifies "The end" so it seems! - My pick for Kuch Bhi! item #3
4. Foot Step (Jejak) by Siti Adiyati, Indonesia
Teak Box, mirror, plastic net and rubber slippers... Kuch bhi! item #4
5. The pleasure of Being, Crying, Dying and Eating... by Montain Boonma of Thailand.

Apparently it depicts cyclical and transitory nature of human life. Went little over my head. This is the last one, Kuch Bhi! Item #5
Sometimes, objects may look pretty obvious, but if you can associate it with a proper story/explanation, they win admiration. For example, there is a giant chair with three legs in front of United Nations HQ in Geneva. Idea behind this post is certainly not to ridicule above art works, but to introspect and understand what am I missing/not understanding in these works.

Awaiting for comments from all art experts and admirers-what are your thoughts about above exhibits?
Option A: Great work of imagination and art?
Option B: Stupid creations that are wrongly selected for a national art gallery
Option C: Not very sure but kind of looks cool
Option D: Something else? (describe)

Do check out the Social table at National Gallery Singapore and its exterior beauty.


  1. I am unable to make comment, because---yeh mere saar ke upar se geya.

  2. and this post can qualify for " Kuch Bhi post " ...

  3. @Anon
    Appreciate honest feedback. I won't mind if you state the same with your real name

    @Sandeepa, Arun- Thanks

    @DeeDee and Jyothi- just for my confirmation- you didn't understand the exhibits or my post?


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