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Manly beach, Sydney-An express getaway

Manly beach is a nice beach off the Sydney city limits, reached via Ferry. I paid a short visit on my day of arrival in Sydney, on recommendation from my hosts.

The approach to Manly beach was very scenic- like this two giant rocks opening up. If you have the time you can walk till the edge, known as North Edge.

Entrance to the beach

Above: An Indian restaurant at Manly beach. Had a samosa here!
Below: Manly Townhall/Municipality office

Above: Streets leading to Manly beach are filled
Below: What all you can do at Manly? below display- right out side the ferry exit, is very useful.

St Andrew's Church, Manly

And there is a bit of Copenhagen (Denmark) in Manly
A street musician playing music and a kid imitating him
 Some scenes from manly beach
Manly itself can take one full day to explore. I could spend only few hours here.

Reaching Manly takes about 30 minutes one way by ferry, from Circular Quay


  1. WHat a name!
    Lovely lively scenes framed.

  2. The water looks so blue and beautiful!

  3. Hi Shrinidhi , Enchanting shades of Blue ... captured in pics n words. I would like to visit Manly beach for Samosa at Ashiana. Not really but that's what I really crave for anywhere out of Mumbai.

  4. Looks like there was a lot to do on the beach. The last two pics have lovely light!

  5. I really liked that art piece in that square. I don't know why but I just really like industrial art like that.

    Especially when the kids can climb on and interact with it. Makes it so much more part of the area.


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