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Evening at Joshida talab, Jaisalmer with Suryagarh

This post shares primarily photos from our Day 1 evening outing during the desert exploration with Suryagarh, Jaisalmer last week.

After day full of roaming around the desert, we neared Joshida talab by sunset time, agenda was to relax a bit near the talab and then return to Suryagarh for dinner. While the Suryagarg folks provided drinks, snacks and other refreshments, the evening time, location and few accessories arranged by Suryagarh made me begin experiment a bit.

Below: The picture of sunset near Joshida Talab (wasn't this colourful in real view, digitally enhanced a bit)

And our evening snacks setup- cool breeze, setting sun and comfortable sofa like seating...

Of course dinner experience is enhanced with live music from baansuri...
The Joshida lake is one of the few water bodies in the deserts around Jaisalmer which still has water even though it was nearing end of summer season. Most of credit goes to ansecstors who could identify right spots for water storage and build these lakes (Khadeens)

The best part of this visit for me was the opportunity to experiment with my camera in low light. I borrowed Himanshu's mini tripod and did some experiments- few good ones below.

While trying the night photography of the above lamps, I got an idea to experiment. Check the results below first and tell me if you like them.
Above photos were derived by setting camera to a long exposure time and then moving the camera around instead of keeping it steady. Because of the camera movement the light source's relative position changes got result like above. You should ensure that there is only one light source and darkness all around. You can either call it "great art work" or "stupid stunt" depending on your individual preferences...
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  1. Beautiful pics and post. Last pics Amazing.

  2. Beautiful evening . Pictures are truly supportive with write up !!

  3. Hi Shrinidhi , this kind of soft, Human interest stories bring out the poet in you, whether it's the description of Joshida Talab or experimental photography ... interesting.

  4. Oh wow, as always, spectacular pics and a wonderfully refreshing post to read. Loved it.

    Be Well


  5. The pics are great...the photo-shooting work with lamp is interesting.

  6. The photo shooting with lamp is lovely.Nice pictures.

    Sriram & Krithiga


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