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472 years old Haveli- Juna Mahal Boutique Homestay, Jodhpur

When the good folks at Suryagarh invited me for a 3 day event, I realized it ends on Saturday. Since return flight was via Jodhpur, I requested them to book my return ticket on Sunday, so that I get to spend a day in Jodhpur.

Thus I got to spend a day at Jodhpur but I had to figure out a place to stay-as usual referred to booking.com and Juna Mahal Homestay came as most well rated, recommended and pretty cheap option. Without much thoughts I booked it right away. There was no need to pay online, I could pay at property.

This post is quick review of Juna Mahal homestay in Jodhpur, based on my one night stay here.

Juna Mahal claims to be a 472 year old haveli type property- that is about 5 centuries old-probably one of the oldest buildings in which I stayed.

The good things at Juna Mahal Homestay
1. Juna Mahal is an old rustic building which has its own charm. Luxury hotels often fail to give this experience. It is an ancient building in the middle of city. Rooms are retained in its old appeal, while bathrooms are pretty modern.

2: Close by attractions- Mehrangarh fort is 1.1 km from Juna Mahal by foot (3 kms by car). I could simply walk all the way to fort without having to spend on taxi/auto. Clock tower is also close by.

3. View from top is sort of nice- check below pics

4. Affordable
At Rs 1400 a night I felt it was a good deal. Restaurant rates are reasonable.

5. Check in opens at 10 AM unlike few other hotels which let you in only by 12 noon or 1 PM. Couple of hours of extra check out time was granted on request.

Facilities included a hair dryer, coffee maker, AC, balcony, TV, bathroom accessories. No free drinking water or telephone.

Points to note:
They have a small kitchen on roof top with a pre-defined menu card. A cook will prepare and serve any of the item from this list, which consists of typical items available in the region- toast, sandwiches, coffe, tea and such food items.  There is no “Ghar ka Khana” effect. (home stay owners usually offer local food platter to guests, though this is not true in all homestays). Owners do stay in same building.

Access problems:
Juna Mahal is located in a small bylane off Ada street. Taxis and cars can’t reach there. Only autos can go closer to Juna Mahal. The Suryagarh fortuner had to drop me off 1 km away. I didn’t have heavy luggage so I didn’t face any issue. Backpackers and budget solo travelers may not have any complaint on this, but if you are staying with family, elderly people or carrying lots of luggage, Juna Mahal is NOT for you. Not very convenient in such cases. Book some other hotel in city

Depending on which room you get, you will have good climbing to do. Good for health but can  be tiring or exhaustive if you need to frequently get in and out of your room.

Wrong locks- Locks used were not safe. On one instance, I unlocked the room with my key and went inside- noticed that bags inside were not mine. I wondered what happened to my stuff. Then when I came out, I realized that I entered a room one floor below. Then went upstairs to my room. The key I had for my room could open the lock put for room below as well, indicating poor quality of locks. I have given this feedback to owner lady and hopefully they will change it soon.

The dustbin in my room had cigarette butts from previous occupant. Didn't get hot water, but that was fine as it was hot outside anyway. Their website says free transportation from railway station- wasn't aware of this, else would have availed.

Overall, the stay was fine. But note the drawbacks and it doesn't affect your purpose/preferences. Their website is http://www.junamahal.com/ but might be more cheaper on Booking.com or other websites.
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  1. We have started there in one of our trips to Jodhpur RiFF. Nice place, isn't it?

  2. I like such old atmosphere. Worth the deal I think!

  3. @Indrani- yes

    @The Untourists- yes. What is RiFF?

  4. I like the antique look of the rooms and the view is good too, looks pretty inviting!

  5. Hotel looks quite clean but a bit spooky especially the cupboard :) We are going to Jodhpur in September , I might be bugging you before the trip :)

  6. Nice review.

    Unsafe lock !! That's so dangerous. Property looks good but rooms are not available right now. :)

  7. Hopefully they have changed the lock by now...

    They have very few rooms - just 4 or 5 so it gets sold out fast... Have a great stay in Bikaner and Jodhpur


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