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Scenic views of Macau from top of Macao tower

Macau tower is one of the highest points in Macau to take a look of the special administrative region. I have written about the adventure activity that I tried in an earlier post. In this post, I present to you the views of Macau city, clicked during the evening and night, from the top of Macau tower (Level 56 observation deck)

Inside the tower: Reflections

Above- view through the glass panel flooring- clarity is poor because glass was dirty on the other side
Below: Bungee jump in action

Above: heavy reclamation and construction activities are going on in Macau- sea is pushed back to recover more land and build more casinos and apartments.

Below: View of Macau Tower entrance area

Views of Macau city from Macau tower
You can also see China from Macao tower- details in this post.

Now comes the best part- night views of various bridges and flyovers around the Macao tower

 How to put some light on top of Macau tower?

We spent about half a day on top of Macau tower- reached at about 4PM and stayed till 8 PM, so that we could get both day time and night time views. Single entry and Two entry tickets are available (Single Entry- 135 MOP, dual entry for 170+ MOP). Ours was Skywalk Adventure ticket which included tower entry.

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  1. Awesome, breathtaking shots, Shri.. Macau looks amazing from your post..

  2. The evening and the night views are fabulous.

  3. Fab views.
    Much like Seattle's Space Needle, I guess.

  4. Lovely lovely pics. You have me convinced about Darter now :D

  5. @Divs Mayya - thanks.

    @Ami - thanks. Let me know once you attend the course, so that I can stake claim for my referral commission :)

  6. The nighttime views are great, it looks so vast there 😊


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