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Magod Waterfalls near Yellapura, UK

October 2023 Update

Revisited Magod falls after 3 years. We were greeted with white mist that covered everything offering zero visibility. But waiting for 15 minutes paid off and the sky cleared up. Didn’t see many monkeys this time but that could be because we reached too early (8.30 AM) while monkeys were still asleep.

Roads are relatively better now, except for the last 2 kms. This time I visited Jenukallu Gudda as well. 

Original post (visited August 2020)

Magod falls was on my wish list since long time and finally managed to visit, as part of short trip to North Canara planned with Sankara Subramanian. This trip happened back in August 2020 but I have managed to publish the blogpost only now, so bear with me for the delay. The photos are of monsoon season, summer view will not be as nice.

What's good at Magod falls:

1. Multiple viewpoints- You can view the falls from 4 different spots, view is largely same, but depending on rain, fog and wind movement, you may get better photo in some spots.

2. Guest House: Forest department maintains a guest house and restaurant in Magod falls, can be used for overnight stay. Advance booking required at Yellapura forest office. Food will be provided on pre-order, else you may be on your own.

3. Easy Access: Compared to few other falls in UK that need lots of trekking, Magod is easier to access and everyone in family can enjoy. Main few point is hardly 200 meters from parking spot, few more optional points won't need any walking more than 500 meters.

4. Another waterfall at a distance

We also spotted another waterfall at a distance in opposite direction, visible from same hill from where we see Magod falls (right side photo below)

We left from Tavarumane homestay near Sirsi at about 9 AM, spent a while at Sonda (Sodhe), Gante Ganapathi temple and then arrived at Magod waterfalls. This route included some super scenic, narrow roads deep in the woods which was both thrilling and bit tricky to ride in heady rain. (there is an alternate route from Yellapura to reach Magod directly). As we neared Magod falls entrance we had to pay about 10 Rs per person as entry fee and enter Magod falls campus. There is a viewpoint right at the entrance and more walking areas for other views.

Walkway in Magod falls viewing area was very scenic with mist in place. Easy walk for everyone in family.

A few infrastructures are worn out and can take up an upgrade/renovation. Fencing is in place to ensure people don't go too far into the woods.
Some history of the Magod falls is given, but hard to read. Bedti is the name of the river which falls down the rocks creating a twin stage waterfall and then flows away nicely.

Nearby: Jenukallu Gudda is 4 kms from Magod falls (only about 2kms detour as another 2 kms common road you’ve to travel anyway while returning from Magod). Gante Ganapathi temple is a popular temple some 15 kms from Magod falls.

Magod falls, Jenukallu Gudda, Gante Ganapathi temple all three can be explored in about half a day if you can start early. Another half day you can explore Sirsi city or Sathod falls depending on your interest and time available. Sathodi falls has notoriously bad roads (update: better roads now in 2023), so factor lots of extra time or visit on priority first if that is an important attraction for you.

Magod falls has couple of rooms maintained by forest department. I was told daily rent is INR 1600, bookable at Yellapura forest office. Food not included, can be prepared for extra charge, if communicated well in advance, else you are on your own. Will be good experience to stay overnight next to the falls and experience it in early morning hours. Besides this there’s nothing else available in and around the falls. Take whatever you need. I didn’t see inside of the rooms, assuming it will have only basic facilities.

Road to Magod falls was good for most portion, ok ok for last 2-3 kms (pebbles, small potholes etc). Accessible by normal cars as well.

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