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Kadalakere Nisarga Dhama Moodubidre

Kadalakere Nisarga Dhama or nature park is a nice outing spot for people of Moodubidre and nearby. Kadalakere offers following attractions

  • A large lake with peddle and motor driven boating options
  • A long walkway around the lake for walking
  • A tree park named after "Salumarada Thimmakka" with children play area, a nursery and other attractions
  • A viewing deck and several resting areas
  • A few well maintained gardens, trees, flowers good for photography
Kadalakere Nisarga Dhama has an entry fee of INR 15 per person. We need to give an ID proof. I feel it is too much data collection for just visiting a park.

Boating costs INR 200 to 300 depending on type of ride that interests you. A few boat types were not functioning- but the bigger motorized boat that takes you for a round in the lake and smaller peddle boats were available
Walking track is nice- goes around the lake on the border of the park premises. Secluded at some spots but is a nice thing to try when at Kadalakere
Salumarada Thimmakka Treepark
Has children's play area, a nursery and other attractions. Nothing much for adults and not as large as the one in Manipal or Tannirbhavi but good for families.
Salumarada thimmakka treepark didn't have anything exciting for adults, but it has play area for kids, so good for families to visit.
Playing area restricted to kids upto 16 years
We visited Kadalakere Nisarga Dhama after exploring Nagundi falls and a temple. Thousand pillar temple of Moodubidre is about 3 kms from Kadalakere so might be worth visiting.

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