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Nagundi (Gundyadka) falls near Moodubidre

Nagundi is a nice little stream which is given the name of a waterfall. It is popular among locals. Recently visited this Nagundi falls (also referred to as Gundyadka falls) with a short diversion between Belman and Moodubidire.

There are two approach roads- one from Moodubidri side and one from Belman side. Because I arrived from Belman side, I took the road from north side. This road was tricky- muddy track with bit of bad roads for last 2 kms. Managed to reach the spot on Venue, low ground clearance cars might have suffered a bit.

Above: road shown in red was not good. Take right hand side blue coloured road even if it means a few kms extra.

While returning we proceeded south towards Moodubidri- this road was much better and easier. So you might wish to ignore Google map direction, proceed further south and take the better road to Nagundi falls if you are arriving from Belman side.

Only half a km walking is needed to reach the Nagundi falls area. Bikers can go closer and walk much less.

How is Nagundi waterfall?

Nagundi waterfall is just the river flowing over small set of rocks. It isn't a great and tall waterfall, but it is a nice getaway to spend some time with nature.

What to expect at Nagundi falls?

We walk along the bund of the river. There are manmade boundary walls and bridges leading you to the falls area.

A nice narrow bridge over the river takes you to the other side of the river. You can find you way downstream and get better view of the water flowing down the rocks. Next to this bridge also a smaller line of construction which gives access to rocks at the middle of the river (watch video)

You will get several spots where you can dip your leg into water. I am not sure about taking a bath.

When to visit Nagundi falls?

Nagundi (Gundyadka) falls seem to be worth visiting only during post monsoon. When I visited October last week the river had very little water, hence water falling over the rocks was only moderately attractive. If you visit after December it might not be worth it as water level will be even less. Thus I would say July to November is best time to visit Nagundi falls.

Other points to note while visiting Nagundi falls:

  • Keep your expectations right. There is no tall waterfall. Nagundi is just water flowing down the rocky terrain. But it is nice nature that makes Nagundi worth a visit
  • There is no one to help if you face any trouble. Watch your steps, don't take risk stepping on wet rocks which might be slippery. 
  • There is no entry fee to visit Nagundi falls, no timing either. It is open area and you can visit anytime. 
  • Lots of college students, young couples could be seen. Already lots of litter is thrown all around. Please don't spoil the nature.

I wouldn't say go all the way just to check the falls. But if passing through the region a short diversion is definitely worth it. After Nagundi we proceeded towards Moodubidri.

Watch my short video of Nagundi falls below (Watch on Youtube)

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