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Sri Karinjeshwara hilltop temple near Bantwal, DK

Sri Karinjeshwara is a small hilltop temple. It has gained popularity because it looks great from a drone view. Recently we planned and executed a visit to Sri Karinjeshwara temple. This post shares our findings, photos and details to plan your trip.

Visit: Sri Karinjeshwara temple is best reached using own vehicle or taxi, as this gives you flexibility of time and also ability to closer and avoid too much climb. However we saw that few buses also operate in this region- you may get a bus to Karinjeshwara from StateBank Mangaluru.

As you near Karinjeshwara hill, you have two options. Stop at the base, climb all the way up (600 odd steps) or drive further till Parvathi temple, save some time & energy, climb only about 150 steps. Bigger commercial vehicles like van or minibus drivers may hesitate to drive uphill on a narrow road. Before you proceed to hilltop you might want to stop and take a look at the majestic rock and a nice pond at the bottom. The pond had a flat rock at the center- not sure man made or natural.
There was walking trail- didn't explore this (we kept for later and then realized we are not coming back this way to proceed to Belthangady)

We took the easier option, drove uphill as much as we could and stopped near Parvathi temple. From here Karinjeshwara is relatively easier to access- about 150 odd steps.
Karinjeshwara temple is a small temple of Lord Shiva.
The Parvathi temple:
As we hiked uphill we could see the lake at the bottom a bit. Later thick cloud took over and we could see nothing. We reached the peak, took blessings of the god, spent some time enjoying the surrounding and came back. 
Timing: Plan your visit to Karinjeshwara temple in the morning half. Temple opens for devotees at around 8 AM. Grand Puja is at about 12 noon. Google map says temple opens at 9 AM- a lot depends on the discretion of local priests- their convenience and potential number of devotees like to come in that day. So be ready to wait a bit if you reach too early.

Forest department is trying to maintain a few herbal gardens nearby- not in great shape but might be worth a quick stroll. A Shiva statue can also be seen.
Food: Plan your refreshment at Bantwal or Belthangady. A few restaurants do exist by the highway- we had ours at Vogga. Nothing available for purchase in and around Karinjeshwara.

We proceeded to Belthangady after Karinjeshwara. To save 5-6 kms, Google maps took us through tricky muddy roads- wasn't a challenge for Venue but small cars might have faced difficulty. A longer, well paved road takes extra 6 kms.

Karinjeshwara- we visited one more time on 26th January, this time at 6 PM and it was closed though as per display they are supposed to be open between 6 to 7 PM. I guess early morning is the best time to visit, after that there is no guarantee as exact time might be at the discretion and convenience of temple authorities, coupled with covid rules that keep changing from time to time.

Nearby: Bendre Theertha  * Jamalabad Fort * Polali Rajarajeshwari temple * 
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