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Idea to get Jan Lokpal Bill passed

As Anna Hazare and team are doing a great job mobilizing India against corruption, while congress led UPA government continues do mistakes after mistakes dealing with the situation I am sharing an idea to get Jan Lokpal Bill passed.

·         We’ve list of all 500+ sitting MPs (Member of Pariament) whose vote is critical to convert a bill into a law.
·         Approach each one of them, one by one and check if they support Team Anna’s version of lokpal bill.
·         If they agree, make them issue a public statement in support of Jan Lokpal Bill. Else a signature campaign can be carried out in the constituencies of respective MPs who do not agree.
·         If with a signature campaign we can prove that majority of the people there support the Jan Lokpal Bill and want their MP to endorse it, convey the same to these MPs
·         If message can be conveyed that these MPs will NOT be elected in next election if they don’t support the bill, chances are that one by one all our MPs may agree to Jan Lokpal Bill drafted by team anna.
·         If the list of supporting MPs grows considerably, battle is almost won.

Politicians are opportunistic a lot and if they sense their political future depends on how they react to Jan LokPal bill, I feel many of them might come forward to support. Not all will agree and not everywhere the initiative may succeed, but if we can get good number of MPs to support it, we stand much better chance.

Considering the nationwide support Anna’s initiative is gathering, above looks feasible. If small group of MPs agree to the Jan Lokpal Bill initially and few more can be made to agree after signature campaign, slowly we can see MPs changing side and soon we’ll have good enough number of MPs supporting Anna’s version of Jan Lokpal Bill.

Do share your thoughts if you think this is feasible.

I wish all the success to Team Anna in their crusade against corruption and express my full support.

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  1. Good idea. I wonder PIL in supreme court might help in including the points. Definitely supporting the bill would be good for MPs in subsequent elections considering the great public support.

  2. Excellent idea, Shrinidhi. I hope the IAC team is listening. Or post it on their website please:)

  3. I have shared this on their facebook wall...

  4. They did this in Kapil Sibal's constituency and got an overwhelming response.A very effective idea to gauge public response though takes some time and resources.

  5. I have written here what I think of the whole AH saga

  6. Prasanna:
    Thanks for sharing your thoghts

    Veerabhadram: Yes, they should repeat it in every constituency

  7. i think the whole idea of MPs / MLAs getting into parliament and assemblies and politicians entering politics is to make money thru corruption, and in general will oppose Jan lokpal bill. Obviously they won't like to enter Parl if they know they can't do much without being closely tracked by hawk-eye. Even though as a populist means they might try to agree when public approach, they will vote against the bill if its a secret ballot

  8. I think the common people are more corrupt than the politicians as we promote corruption for our benefit..We need to improve ourselves first.

    By the way, here is my IndiVine post. Check it and if you like it then please Promote it too there on IndiVine.

    Thanks :)

  9. Shaan,
    But I believe top down approach is more effective.. when senior most people are not corrupt, they can easily punish junior people below them

    Envy: You're right, but they need to be made to pass the bill

  10. Can you please start maintaining a list of MPs who are supporting Janlokpal. We should campaign for the remaining to loose next election.

  11. Good idea, though I don't have reliable source of information to update and manage the list. let us see the outcome of Parliament debate today

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  13. how can i get hold of list of MP's name or the party's who lend their support to bringing about the lokpal and lokyuta bill 2013...


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