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Photos of Aquaria KLCC, Malaysia

Aquaria KLCC is a large aquarium situated in the basement of Kuala Lumpur convention Centre. Centre opens only at 11 AM during weekdays and supposed to open at 10.30AM during public holidays(it opened almost close to 11AM last Sunday)

Entry fee is 30 Ringgit for Malaysian nationals, 45 for foreign nationals (1 RM= 15 INR) There're some concession for children and senior citizens. Combo ticket for Aquaria + Aquazone (where fishes eat your dead skin...) cost 80 RM.

Takes and hour or two to cover all of Aquaria. It houses wide range of fishes, snakes and few other animals.

As we entered, a worker was cleaning the habitat of an yellow coloured snake. There were two of these snakes and they were watching him clean, just like your pet dog would watch you doing something...

The centre also has a provision wherein you can get into a cage and get close with sharks... Aquaria is a dimly lit area and we're not supposed to use flash while taking photos. Glass and water in between the camera and the subject further spoil the photo. Sharing some of the decent photos taken there...

To reach aquaria you may either enter the twin towers and walk underground to reach this place or directly enter KLCC and go one floor down. Standby for more


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