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"The Rice Plate Project" at KLCC Malaysia

I'm back from a short visit to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and next few posts in the blog will be about the trip.

If you're looking for an innovative contest idea, to conduct one among your community/group/team etc, here's one. We spotted what's called as Rice Plate Contest - do something innovative on a rice plate. Several entries were displayed on the wall for general public to see.

Sharing some photos below, showcasing what all could be depicted on a rice plate...

Below is the official description of rice plate project
"“The Malaysian Rice Plates project” aims to celebrate the melting pot that is Malaysia by involving nearly 60 selected Malaysian artists in a collaborative public art project which is a first of its kind.
'The Malaysian Rice Plates' Project brings together selected contemporary Malaysian artists across a plethora of mediums, to create individual artworks inspired by the Malaysian currency on rice plates.With Rice being the staple food in Asia, the rice plate is an important symbol of unity as all Malaysians eat their rice from plates. It is also a sign of survival as the rice-plate symbolizes the way one makes a living. Ringgit, literally meaning “jagged”, refers to the serrated edges of silver Spanish dollars which circulated widely in the area during the 16th and 17th Century Portuguese colonial era. The currency used today holds important national symbols that represent key people who helped shape Malaysia and significant places and objects that reflect the history and heritage as well as the modern lifestyle of its community. From visuals of Mount Kinabalu to the KL skyline, the traditional “Wau Bulan” kite to the modern transportation system and industry, the currency has provided the artists with numerous symbols and images to work with.This project allows us to see how these artists have incorporated elements of the Ringgit into their distinct style of work and how they portray the close link between money and food in the world today.This project unites the artists of Malaysia in a creative endeavour and offers the public an opportunity to view the work of leading artists of the country in one place. It also acts as an introduction for foreign visitors to the rich world of art in Malaysia and will be a unique experience for people to view the project as a whole as well as treat every individual piece as an independent artwork that reflects the artists’ distinct individual approach to the theme.
This Project has been put together by Wei-Ling Gallery and is presented by the Ministry of Tourism in conjunction with MCAT 2011 and is being shown at the KL convention centre from July and will be on till Sept 2011.

Source: Rice plate project Facebook page

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  1. Nice , i thought it might be related to Rice plate reddy of Quick gun murgan

  2. Mridula: Was good overall, but we did loose some money unnecessarily...

    TGS: Good thought... but this has nothing to do with quick gun murugan


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