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KL Monorail Kuala Lumpur

I hadn’t travelled in a monorail  before. Had seen Monorail tracks in Mumbai last year, but got to use it in KL. There has been considerable debate if monorail is good or metro is good for cities like Bangalore and Chennai

Listing some differences between Metro and Monorail, based on personal observation, though I’m not an expert in this matter

Metro can run on an elevated track, underground or at ground level. But Monorail is best suited for elevated tracks only.

Monorail tracks take less space. Track is smaller than the train width, hence monorail construction cost is said to be cheaper than Metro, which needs wider tracks

In India Mumbai has monorail facility, while Delhi has Metro. Bengaluru and Chennai will be having metro

It appears Monorail’s ability to have no of compartments are limited and hence it can’t carry too many passengers compared to Metro.

Because of less no of compartments and its design allows Monorail to take sharper turns, while Metro may need larger turning radius.

KL Monorail feeds into KL Sentral, which is a larger hub for buses and trains going in and out of Kuala Lumpur.

Ticket fare from KL sentral was 2.5 Ringgit per person till Chow Kit (INR 40). A two stop journey costed us about INR 20

Frequency of trains was good. In about 10 minutes you’d get next train. Trains run from 6AM till midnight. There were no restrictions on photography.


  1. Monorail will run in bangalore too in a couple of decades! :D

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  3. I believe Metro is ideal for mega populated cities in India, Monorail will have limited usage in cramped areas such as Mumbai and kolkatta. India needs underground metros, which will serve as nuclear bunkers too.

  4. I wonder how useful the monorail is going to be in Mumbai! as of now, work on the tracks is clogging up our roads and making travelling impossible! even when it is ready, as you mentioned, the number of people it can carry will not be very large, so I wonder how it will manage with the kind of crowds here...we have to wait and see...

  5. Anu: though capacity is low, monorail can make it up for it by increasing frequency of runs...

    Umesh Sir: Nuclear bunker is a new idea :)

    Mohan: Let the metro run first... lol

  6. monorail is the best system.. u will be able to see monorail plying in chennai within 4 yrs.. present govt is very much in hurry to bring this transport..


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