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Petrol Prices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

You’ve read about fuel prices in Chile in this post. Let us check about fuel prices in Malaysia now.

In India, we can hardly spot a 2.0 VVTi petrol Innova. Almost all Innova s we get to see are D-4D diesel ones, obviously because diesel as a fuel is cheaper in India.

In Malaysia, however, the situation is opposite. All innovas we saw there were petrol units, hinting that diesel has no price advantage over Petrol in Malaysia.

When I checked out at a nearby fuel station, I found that a liter of petrol costs about 2 RM or about 30INR approx. That is 1997 prices in India


  1. The petrol price here in Malaysia is MYR 1.9(for octane 95 and for MYR 2.7 for Octane 97) and the Diesel price is MYR 1.8...the car prices are higher compared to India as the Malaysian govt imposes taxes for foreign brand cars..

  2. Thanks Sivakanth for the pricing information


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